Running Club App
Quick Start Tutorial
1. Find an Activity
Start Screen Click the Find Activity button to see activities other people have scheduled (or click the Create Activity button to create one of your own).

2. Select an Activity
Search Results Screen View the search results and select an activity to view the details.

3. Join the Activity
Join Activity Screen When you have found an activity you would like to participate in, click the Join Activity button.

After joining an activity, press the Invite Button button to invite others to the activity. You can select from your Friends or Everyone in the Running Club Community.

Note: A reminder will be set on your phone to remind you when the activity is about to begin.
4. Join the Live Activity
Join Live Screen Starting 30 minutes before the activity, you will be able to Join the Live Activity.

You must press the Join Live Activity Button to participate in the activity!

It is recommended you Join the Live Activity at least 5 minutes before the start time.
5. Run the Live Activity
Live Activity Screen Once you are in the Live Activity, wait for the start time, then start running, walking, or cycling!

You will see all participant's positions represented as "dots", showing you progress compared with everyone else.

Chat before, during, or after the race, see your postions on a map, and use the iPod features.
That's it! Thanks again and enjoy!
If you have any additional questions, just email
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