Running Club App
The Running Club app can be thought of as a "virtual running club", where you can schedule and run live activites with friends in real-time, while being in different locations.
One Running Activity Two Running Position
  Josh creates a 5K run tomorrow at 5:45 PM and invites 3 friends from different parts of the country to join.
Three Running Progress
  Josh and friends begin running at the same time, and get live feedback throughout the run.   Everyone joins the live race and waits for the start time. The runners are in New York, Florida, and Louisiana.
Four Running Results Five Running Chat
  When the run is complete, everyone can see their times and compare results with the other runners.   Chat before and after the race, find friends, and enjoy the social experience of being in a running club.

Other Features

  Running Map   Running Ipod
  See your own map real time as you run.   An integrated iPod lets you change your music without leaving the app.
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